1. Version History

    v1.3.2 — 08 November 2010

    Added the ability to set your Google Analytics ID in the Appearance menu, so you can now track visits to your site using Google Analytics.

    v1.3.1 — 01 November 2010

    Fixed incorrect logic that was preventing links to ‘Let people ask questions’ and ‘Let people submit posts’ features appearing in the navigation if no Pages existed

    v1.3 — 22 September 2010

    Rebuilt the structure of posts, fixing the issue of tags overlapping onto neighbouring posts

    v1.2.2 — 26 August 2010

    Added bottom margin to ‘pre’ element for displaying inline code correctly

    v1.2.1 — 04 July 2010

    • Added {block:NoSearchResults}, displaying a “Sorry, there are no results…” message if no search results are found
    • Amended meta naming issue with ‘Website Address’ and ‘Blog Address’

    v1.2 — 24 May 2010

    Both post titles and post dates act as permalinks

    v1.1 — 06 April 2010

    • Added pagination underneath the posts
    • Removed ‘[x] notes’ link if no notes exist for a post

    v1.0 — 14 March 2010

    Initial release of Vignelli